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Update 6/2/2016 - Steering Committee meeting confirmed for 6/8/16

The new steering committee will be meeting on 6/8 to assign tasks and get things back on track.  We're still planning on a mid-September meeting, probably after all the local schools resume session.

Please help spread the word - direct your contacts to the new Meetup Group or the official mailing list by emailing caretaker@sea-tug.com with "subscribe" in the subject line.

Update 5/2/2016 - More updates...

Things are coming together nicely.  We have several people who have committed to the steering committee, a new location, dates being firmed up, and a steering committee meeting scheduled.  We've also created a new Meetup Group! We're looking forward to getting more information out to you very soon - expect our next meeting to be in mid-to-late September.

Update 3/1/2016 - More updates...

We hope you’ve had a productive hiatus from SEA-TUG.  It’s almost time to reconvene and share all the new technology that we’ve been working with.  We're going to focus

our energy to creating a more structured group - Priority 1 is to formalize a Steering Committee.  If you have an interest in determining the types of topics and meetings SEA-TUG will offer, please contact us at caretaker@sea-tug.com

Our goal is to have a schedule set with meetings for Fall 2016. We want to keep meetings technical with current topics and presentations, but we also understand everyone’s desire to network and catch up in a more social setting.  Post-meeting opportunities at local restaurants and bars will be announced with the meeting dates.

The most successful meetings we've had have been peer-to-peer discussions rather than vendor presentations.  This is a productive way to share practical knowledge of what we are collectively using in the field, and also to share solutions.  We're looking for volunteers to present at our upcoming meetings.  Not only is this a great opportunity to share what you know, but it is also a way to establish yourself as a local leader, practice valuable presentation skills, and make connections with your peers.

Be a part of strengthening YOUR group and the local IT community!

Update 2/15/2016 - Revival!

Hi everyone,

There's been a lot of interest in reviving SEA-TUG and getting regular meetings back on track.  The goal is to organize the group a little better than it has been in the past and formalize the steering committee.  Discussions are underway now to have meetings on the calendar for the fall of 2016. 

Location - We're looking at the Alpha Loft space in Portsmouth.  With onsite parking and the amenities we need (projector, Wi-Fi, whiteboards, etc.) this may be the ideal location for meetings.

Topics - This is where you come in!  The most successful meetings we've held in the past were user-to-user discussions rather than vendor presentations.  We're looking for volunteers to present to the group.  Fame! Glory! Riches!  OK, none of that; but you can work on your presentation skills, network with your peers, establish yourself as a leader, and help build the local IT community. 

Take our survey!

Please reach out if you have any input or interest in participating in organizing the future of SEA-TUG!


Update 1/28/13 - January Meeting Complete

Thank you to presenters (Mark Villinski from Kaspersky and Angelo Cianci of Verizon) and to everyone who attended last night's meeting!  We had over 40 people in attendance.  If you have not signed up for the mailing list or the LinkedIn group, please be sure to do so.  Slides for the presentations are available here: 




Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback, and please suggest a topic for the next meeting.

Update 12/31/13 - January Meeting Announcement

Great news, everyone... Our January meeting has been confirmed for MONDAY January 27th, 2014 at 6pm

The topic will be "5 Ways Corporate IT Enables Cybercrime".  We're also trying to line up a special presentation by a commercial malware analyst for a dissection of Cryptolocker.  If time allows, we'll also talk about the highlights of 3 recent Internet security reports published by Microsoft, Symantec, and Verizon.

Update 10/17/13 - October Meeting Re-cap

Our October meeting was held on the 16th and we are in the process of planning the next meeting.  Please let us know if there's a topic you're interested in. 

Update 8/19/13 - Meeting recap and next meeting announced!

Our September meeting was well attended with representation from 9 local companies. Based on the feedback from the attendees we heard that you'd like to have monthly meetings with a mix of technical/educational and purely-social meetings.



We're planning the next meeting for Wednesday, October 16th and the topic will be roundtable discussion of BYOD (policies, practices, real-world deployment experiences, and comparisons of technology solutions).  We'll be talking about solutions from Air-Watch, Mobile Iron, Citrix and more. 

Bring your experiences, bring your stories, and bring your questions - this should be a lively discussion.

SEA-TUG is designed to help you with your IT issues and can be a valuable resource for knowledge - ask your peers about their experiences and gain insight in to how other organizations around you are managing their infrastructure. Please help us spread the word - promote the meeting at your workplace and on social media.

We are looking for volunteers - website/mail list management, vendor liaison, steering committee, and promotion/advertisement - please let Rob or Steve know if you'd like to help!

Update 8/15/13: We are confirmed for a September 18th, 2013 meeting at 6pm! This will be a combined steering committee meeting and social event.  Bring your questions and ideas for the future of SEA-TUG!  Hope to see you there!

Update 8/15/13: A September '13 meeting is being planned.  Stay tuned for additional details on date/time/topic.  Steve

Update 8/12/13: New website has been created - this will allow us to more easily maintain the site and post new content / features.  We'll be developing this over the next few months - let Steve know if you have any interest in helping maintain and develop the site.

Previous Meetings

A recap of the Microsoft Management Summit. All the new System Center 2012 products will be covered.

In this session, we’ll cover the major new features in Windows Server 8, including Hyper-V scalability and availability improvements, key changes in the management interfaces, and how Windows Server 8 enables Private Cloud solutions. New features will be discussed and demonstrated to show applicability to specific business needs. We’ll also recap major System Center announcements recently made at the Microsoft Management Summit, held in April in Las Vegas. We’ll overview key information from the event, and walk through some of the new System Center technologies as well.

Presented by Rich Mcbrine, Technology Solution Professional at Microsoft

Meeting Details

Hilton Garden Inn
100 High Street, Portsmouth, NH, 03801

Meetings start at 6pm for social hour with presentations beginning at 6:30

Directly across from the parking garage
Featuring a full bar and kitchen until 10pm

Big thanks to the Hilton Garden Inn of Portsmouth for hosting SEA-TUG and providing meeting facilities.

Door prizes provided by Microsoft, UGSS, and GITCA, the Global IT Community Association